Today: May 21, 2024 4:43 am
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Istio Ingress vs. Kubernetes Ingress

For years I have appreciated the clean and simple way Kubernetes approached Ingress into container workloads. The idea of an IngressController that dynamically reconfigures itself based on the current state of Ingress resources seemed very clean and easy to understand. Istio, on the other hand, felt more confusing, so I set out to correlate what I refer to as “traditional kubernetes ingress” with Istio ingress. The following diagram will help visualize my comments below. Dynamic Ingress Control Load Balancer at the Edge Both approaches are very similar in how they treat traffic at......

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Recently I’ve been accessing a lot of network resources from Windows. This is pretty easy in principle, but can become complicated when there are various credentials available, and each set of credentials provides a different level of access. For example, a single share may have two different levels of access based on two unique usernames and their corresponding passwords. The first provides read only access, the second provides full write access. There may be times that it’s desirable to be connected read only and other cases where you require full write access. That’s......

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