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Managed Services in CloudFoundry

CloudFoundry defines a Service Broker API which can be implemented and added to a CloudFoundry installation to provide managed services for apps. In order to better understand the way managed services are created and integrated with CloudFoundry (and derivative technologies like Stackato and HP Helion Development Platform), I created an example service and implemented the… Continue reading

Software Engineering

External Services in CloudFoundry

CloudFoundry, Stackato and Helion Development Platform accommodate (and encourage) external services for persistent application needs. The types of services include relational databases, like MySQL or PostgreSQL, NoSQL datastores, like MongoDB, messaging services like RabbitMQ and even cache technologies like Redis and Memcached. In each case, connection details, such as a URL, PORT and credentials, are… Continue reading

Software Engineering

nginx buildpack – offline

I previously documented the process to create a buildpack for nginx to use with Stackato or Helion Dev Platform. In that buildpack example, the compile script would download the nginx source using wget. In some cases, the time, bandwidth or access required to download external resources may be undesirable. In those cases the buildpack can… Continue reading

Software Engineering

nginx buildpack – realtime

CloudFoundry accommodates buildpacks which define a deployment environment. A buildpack is distinct from an application and provides everything the application needs to run, including web server, language runtime, libraries, etc. The most basic structure for a buildpack requires three files inside a directory named bin. The buildpack files discussed in this post can be cloned… Continue reading

Software Engineering

Overview of CloudFoundry

CloudFoundry is an opensource Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology originally introduced and commercially supported by Pivotal. The software makes it possible to very easily stage, deploy and scale applications, thanks in part to its adoption of buildpacks which were originally introduced by Heroku. Some software design principles are required to achieve scale with cloud… Continue reading