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MongoDB Aggregation for Analytics

I’ve been working on generating analytics based on a collection containing statistical data. My previous attempt involved using Map Reduce in MongoDB. Recall that the data in the statistics collection has this form. { "_id" : ObjectId("5e6877a516832a9c8fe89ca9"), "apikey" : "7e78ed1525b7568c2316576f2b265f55e6848b5830db4e6586283", "request_date" : ISODate("2013-04-05T06:00:24.006Z"), "request_method" : "POST", "document" : { "domain" : "", "validationMethod" : "LICENSE_EXISTS_NOT_EXPIRED",… Continue reading

Software Engineering

MongoDB ReadPreference

MongoDB connections accommodate a ReadPreference, which in a clustered environment, like a replicaset, indicates how to select the best host for a query. One major consideration when setting the read preference is whether or not you can live with eventually consistent reads, since SECONDARY hosts may lag behind the PRIMARY. Some of the options you… Continue reading