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MongoDB Authentication Setup

Authentication in MongoDB provides ‘normal’, which is full read and write, or ‘readonly’ access at a database level. There are two scenarios when authentication comes into play: single server and multi-server. When using a single server, authentication can be enabled but adding –auth to the startup parameters. When using a replicaset, sharded setup or combination,… Continue reading

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MongoDB Secure Mode

Security in MongoDB is relatively young in terms of features and granularity. Interestingly, they indicate that a typical use case would be to use Mongo on a trusted network “much like how one would use, say, memcached.” MongoDB does NOT run in secure mode by default. As it is, the features that are available are… Continue reading

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Introduction to MongoDB

I put this presentation together for a local web developer meetup. The topic was MongoDB. MongoDB is a database, but unlike traditional relational databases which store data in well defined tables (schema), MongoDB stores data in JSON like documents (BSON). This provides a great deal of flexibility. After you get through this presentation, go have… Continue reading