Today: April 21, 2021 2:52 pm
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Certified Scrum Master

Last week I completed three days of training and took the certification test for Scrum Master. About 70 percent of the material was rehash, but I did pick up a few new bits during the training.

Lately I’ve been reading Speed of Trust and so the effect trust has on the Scrum process kept coming to mind. I can see how trust between the Product Owner and the Development Team is a strong influencer to the success of Scrum.

For example, the Product Owner has to prioritize the backlog and trust that the items selected by the Development Team with get done within the Sprint and represent an honest effort. On the other hand, the Development Team needs to trust that they will be allowed to complete the work they have committed to without constant changes to scope.

Overall I’m very optimistic about Scrum from a Trust perspective. If there was ever a process that gave ample opportunity to build trust, it’s Scrum. From competence, to results, to intent, to character, Scrum gives Daily, Sprintly and Releasely opportunities to gel as a Scrum Team and build trust.

Maybe with the Scrum Master certification, I’ll be able to kick start the process with more “authority” 🙂

Click to access Daniel-Watrous-ScrumAlliance_CSM_Certificate.pdf

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