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etcd,, is a distributed key/value store and contains all details about a kubernetes cluster, such as resources and their states. How etcd is installed I install kubernetes, and etcd along with it, using kubespray Interacting with etcd etcd runs as a container. The startup script used by systemctl is /usr/local/bin/etcd, which has the contents below #!/bin/bash /usr/bin/docker run \ --restart=on-failure:5 \ --env-file=/etc/etcd.env \ --net=host \ -v /etc/ssl/certs:/etc/ssl/certs:ro \ -v /etc/ssl/etcd/ssl:/etc/ssl/etcd/ssl:ro \ -v /var/lib/etcd:/var/lib/etcd:rw \ --memory=512M \ --blkio-weight=1000 \ --name=etcd1 \ \ /usr/local/bin/etcd \ "$@" Interacting with the running etcd process......

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WordPress plugin licensing: Setup Eclipse for Google App Engine development

Having chosen Google App Engine and Java as the target for initial development it’s time to setup a development environment. Google provides a plugin to Eclipse that makes this easy. They do a great job explaining how to setup the environment at this URL: Setup problems One hang up I had was an error when first trying to install the plugin in eclipse. It complained about “An error occurred while collecting items to be installed”. Several files came back saying “Unable to read repository” and “Read timed out”. It was possible to......

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