Today: June 13, 2024 9:39 am
A collection of Software and Cloud patterns with a focus on the Enterprise

About Daniel Watrous

I’m Daniel Watrous. On this site I publish solutions and patterns that have helped me solve software and cloud problems for more than 25 years in Software and IT.

The posts here will be valuable to two audiences. The first is software developers and architects. The other is IT and business decision makers who want to modernize and transform their technology landscape.

I hope you find something useful here! I welcome feedback, so leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Where I Work

I currently work for Google Cloud, where I am a Customer Engineer. My primary focus is Enterprises with headquarters in the Houston area. I help Enterprises modernize their technology and benefit from all that cloud has to offer. Technologies such as containers, Kubernetes, serverless and large scale data processing represent big opportunities for Enterprises to reduce costs and increase resilience while decreasing time to market.

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