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MongoDB Aggregation for Analytics

I’ve been working on generating analytics based on a collection containing statistical data. My previous attempt involved using Map Reduce in MongoDB. Recall that the data in the statistics collection has this form. { "_id" : ObjectId("5e6877a516832a9c8fe89ca9"), "apikey" : "7e78ed1525b7568c2316576f2b265f55e6848b5830db4e6586283", "request_date" : ISODate("2013-04-05T06:00:24.006Z"), "request_method" : "POST", "document" : { "domain" : "", "validationMethod" : "LICENSE_EXISTS_NOT_EXPIRED", […]

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MongoDB Map Reduce for Analytics

I have a RESTful SaaS service I created which uses MongoDB. Each REST call creates a new record in a statistics collection. In order to implement quotas and provide user analytics, I need to process the statistics collection periodically and generate meaningful analytics specific to each user. This is just the type of problem map […]

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