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Increase Munin Resolution to sub-minute

I previously explained how to get one-minute resolution in Munin. The process to get sub-minute resolution in Munin is more tricky. The main reason it’s more tricky is that cron only runs once per minute, which means data must be generated and cached in between cron runs for collection when cron runs. In the case […]

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Big Data Cache Approaches

I’ve had several conversations recently about caching as it relates to big data. As a result of these discussions I wanted to review some details that should be considered when deciding if a cache is necessary and how to cache big data when it is necessary. What is a Cache? The purpose of a cache […]

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Redis as a cache for Java servlets

I’ve been refactoring an application recently to move away from a proprietary and inflexible in memory datastore. The drawbacks of the proprietary datastore included the fact that the content was static. The only way to update data involved a build and replication process that took much longer than the stakeholders were willing to wait. The […]

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