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Install Stackato (CloudFoundry) on HPCloud

I recently published an article to get CloudFoundry running by way of Stackato on a local machine using VirtualBox. As soon as you have something ready to share with the world (testers, executives, investors, etc.), you’ll want something more public. Fortunately, it’s easy to run Stackato on HPCloud.com. I’m following the steps outlined here: https://docs.stackato.com/admin/server/hpcs.html. […]

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OpenStack REST API

There are some high quality resources that already cover the OpenStack API, so this is a YEA (yet another example) post. See the resources section below for some helpful links. OpenStack APIs provide access to all OpenStack components, such as nova (compute), glance (VM images), swift (object storage), cinder (block storage), keystone (authentication) and neutron […]

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Hadoop HDFS in Standalone Mode

My previous hadoop example operated against the local filesystem, in spite of the fact that I formatted a local HDFS partition. In order to operate against the local HDFS partition it’s necessary to first start the namenode and datanode. I mostly followed these instructions to start those processes. Here’s the most relevant part that I […]

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