About Daniel Watrous

I’m Daniel Watrous. Welcome to my software site. Here I collect and document solutions to software problems that I’ve encountered over 15 years of Software Engineering experience.

While my main website, www.danielwatrous.com, is geared toward productivity and the marriage of technology and direct marketing, this site has software engineering as it’s primary focus. It will be most valuable to other software developers who are familiar with the languages and patterns that I explore here.

The solutions you find here will be useful in business, manufacturing and even more specialized software systems. I attempt to abstract each solution so that it can be seen as a pattern, in isolation from the original problem that inspired it.

I hope you find something useful here!

Where I Work

I currently hold the position of Senior Cloud Architect with Hewlett Packard. In this role I bring an application perspective to cloud infrastructure decisions. I also develop best practices and provide guidance to application teams who want to develop for the cloud.

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